Velcro-backed Park Patches - Individual

Sale price Price $5.00 Regular price $7.50

 **These patches are ready-to-ship. However, the ears are made-to-order with a 2 week turnaround time. Patches and ears ordered together will be sent together when ears are ready. If you order just patches they will be shipped in 1-2 days.**

This listing is for individual patches. If you would like to create your own bundle, look here.

Each Velcro-backed Patch is $7.50 individually.  

Each patch is 2.5 inches at the longest edge. 

These patches are designed to stick on your @Weve.Got.Ears Velcro Ears. Patches and Ears utilize the Velcro hook and loop system. The products used are designed to work together and keep your patches in place all day. You will not have to worry about patches falling off. 

***These patches are NOT iron-on patches *** They are backed with Velcro hook, which is what makes them compatible with the Velcro Patch Ears. You are welcome to order patches without ordering ears but please know that the patches are backed with Velcro hook and come with a Velcro loop piece to stick the patch on when not in use (shown in photos).