When will the shop open for ears again?

WeveGotEars will be opening for made-to-order ears Monday, December 31st at 5pm Pacific time (6pmM, 7pmC, 8pmE). 

How will it work?

You will be able to place an order for any available design with a turnaround time of 2-4 weeks. See current turnaround times here. This means the earliest available date will be 2 weeks from the order time, but I cannot finish them all in 2 weeks.

Before placing an item in your cart, you will be required to add a "Date Needed". Please format date needed as mm/dd/yyyy or write out the month to avoid confusion. 

Orders will be prioritized by date needed, so while your item may take longer, it is because you specified a date needed of more than 2 weeks out. I will guarantee to have it to you by the specified date. This will allow me to accept made-to-order purchases instead of having scheduled openings.

So, please be honest about your date. If you allow me time I will promise to get your order to you by the date you set or I will offer a full refund. 

The best way to stay informed is to follow weve.got.ears on Instagram and to sign up for email news.  

How can I order ears?

Ears are only available to order during shop openings. Once I hit my order maximum I will have to close the shop to new ear orders again. I apologize that demand often exceeds supply and restocks tend to sell out very quickly.  

Do you have any tips for success during shop restocks?

Please know I cannot guarantee following these tips will result in a successful order, but hopefully they can help.

  • Be right on time for the restock. Most people show up a few minutes early, navigate to the item they want and refresh the page when it is time. 
  • Having an item in your cart does not guarantee it. I know it is frustrating when an item is in your cart and then all of the sudden gone. However, if an item sells out before you complete checkout, the item will be removed from your cart because it is no longer available. So it is important to still be quick even with an item in your cart. 
  • Create an account from the computer or device you plan on using to purchase. An account will store all of your shipping information so you won't have to fill it in while checking out. Register here
    • Important - Accounts do not store payment information, just names and addresses. This will still save you time at checkout. 
  • Consider using ApplePay. If you have an iPhone or a MAC, ApplePay is the fastest checkout since it does store your payment information right on your device or computer. 
  • Consider using PayPal, Amazon Pay or Google Pay. These third party merchants do store your payment information so you do not have to enter card numbers. However, they do sometimes redirect you to their site to log in which can take time. Consider checking the PayPal box that says "stay logged in for faster checkout" to save some time. 
  • Consider using a personal (not shared) computer/device that uses autofill for your credit card info. 
  • Above all, please know that even if you do all this and it doesn't work, it is not because you did anything wrong. Just try again if you can. Many people have success after a few tries. 

What if an item is SOLD OUT?

If an item is SOLD OUT that means I do not have any available to order at the moment.

Do you have a waitlist?

No, at this time I do not have a wait list.  

Do you take custom orders? 

No. I do not take custom orders. I do not take orders when the website is closed or on SOLD OUT items. 

Do you have [this character/that theme] ears? 

If you do not see them listed online, I do not. All currently available designs will be listed on this website.



When will my order arrive?

Orders will be completed by the date you specify. After orders are complete you will receive an email saying your order has shipped. The delivery time will vary based on which shipping method you chose. 

USPS First Class takes 3-5 days.

USPS Priority takes 2 days.

USPS First Class International takes about 10 days. 

UPS International offers various speed choices at checkout.

DHL Express International can be delivered in as soon as 2-3 days.

Once I have handed the package off to the delivery service of choice, it is out of my hands. I do not have access to any additional information than what you can see on the tracking info.

Do you ship Internationally? 

Yes, I do ship internationally! However, purchaser will be responsible for any customs charges applied to their import.

Note about shipping to the UK with USPS International- At times the USPS tracking number will say the package has been delivered but they do not leave the customs card until the next day. Please wait a day before assuming your package is lost. The customs card always shows up the next day. I have no idea why this is the case and there is nothing I can do to help it. Please let me know if it has been more than 3 business days and you still have not received your ears internationally. 

What shipping methods are used? 

Domestic: At checkout you will be able to choose from USPS First Class Mail and  USPS Priority Mail.

International: At checkout you will be able to choose from USPS First Class International Mail, UPS International, and DHL Express International. 

What Shipping Method should I choose? How long will it take? 

First class mail usually delivers within 3-5 business days and Priority Mail has a delivery date of 2-3 business days. Please note that this can vary and sometimes it takes an extra 1-2 days to get the package to the "origin" facility. I will always provide tracking for ears and keep you informed on postage.

USPS First Class International takes about 10 days to most countries. (I mostly ship to the Canada and the UK so I know this to be true for those countries). 

UPS International offers various speed choices at checkout.

DHL Express International can be delivered in as soon as 2-3 days.

Shipping and Missing Package Info

Once I have handed the package off to the delivery service, it is out of my hands. I do not have access to any additional information than what you can see on the tracking info. 

***VERY IMPORTANT*** If you want your package insured you must choose Priority or Priority Express or Priority International. While First Class does come with tracking, it does not come with insurance. I cannot replace packages that are lost in the mail unless you have purchased Priority Shipping. If your First class package is lost, you will have to re-order since the package is not insured. 

I cannot guarantee shipping times once the package has been deposited at the Post Office. I drop packages off at Post office within 24 hours of printing the shipping label (this is when you receive your email saying the order has been shipped).

In the unlikely event something gets lost in the mail, I will replace or refund depending on availability of specific supplies and on a situational basis. I have NEVER had a package lost in the mail. If your package is more than 1 week late, you may contact me to discuss a replacement. 

How much is shipping?

Prices will vary depending on weight of order but generally prices will be:

Within the US

1-2 articles of Apparel or 1-2 pairs of Ears 

$3.50 USPS First Class, $7.50 USPS Priority

3-4 Pairs of Ears 

$13.50 USPS Priority

4-5 Pairs of Ears 

$22.50 USPS Priority


1-2 articles of Apparel or 1 pair or Ears

$10.50 USPS First Class

3-4 Pairs of Ears 

$15.50 USPS First Class 


1-2 articles of Apparel or 1 pair of Ears 

$13.50 SUPS First Class International 

2-3 pairs of Ears

$23.00 USPS First Class International

3-4 pairs of Ears

$35.00 USPS First Class International

International Customers will receive additional choices from UPS and DHL at checkout and prices will vary based on the service chose. I can tell you that these choices are more expensive and starts at $48 for 1-2 pair of ears. I offer them, however, because it has been requested by some countries as a more reliable delivery method. 

Do you deliver to United States resorts and hotels?

Yes. Another great choice is having an item sent to your resort or hotel in the United States. Simply use the resort address as your shipping address when checking out. Most resorts and hotels require that a package be addressed using this format:

Guest: [Your First and Last Name]
Arriving: [Your check-in date] 
Resort Address

Please note: I can hold ears for a few weeks, but no longer than one month. 

Why can't I choose First Class Shipping when I order more than one item?

Because at this point due to the weight of the package, First Class Shipping actually costs the same as Priority and Priority is the better service choice. 

Ear Care Info


Can you fix my damaged ears?

Yes! I can fix or replace any pair of WeveGotEars purchased directly from me free of charge. Send me an email WeveGotEarsShop@gmail.com. 



What forms of payment are accepted?

VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express via direct checkout from your shopping cart.

Apple Pay

Amazon Pay

Google Pay 

PayPal - Please note I DO NOT accept PayPal e-checks. If I receive a payment via PayPal e-check, I will cancel the payment and ask you to use an alternate payment. If you cannot provide an alternate form of payment, the transaction will be cancelled. 

I will not send separate PayPal invoices for orders. All orders must be placed through this website so that I can track orders and ensure the best customer service. 

Do I have to have an account? 

No. You will have the option to create a customer account in order to save shipping information and view and check the status of your orders. However, a customer account is not required to purchase. At this time customer accounts do not save your credit card information. 


Do you offer returns?

Yes! You always have the option to return an order.  Please contact me by email WeveGotEarsShop@gmail.com and let me know you would like to return something.


I hope that you are beyond happy with your Ear purchase, but please know that you can buy with confidence. I will stand by my work and always correct anything that goes wrong. 

If you change your mind or something comes up, I can offer full refunds on new, unworn ears that are returned to me within 7 days of customer receipt. In this case, the buyer will be responsible for return shipping.

If there is a problem with your order, or if it arrives damaged, I will replace your item. Please know that I will require a photo of the damaged product in order to send a replacement. 


I will accept returns/exchanges on new, unused, unworn apparel that is free from odor or markings within 7 days of customer receipt. Please print and fill out the return/exchange form in order for your return/exchange to be processed. 

Always double check sizes for apparel as size exchanges may require an order to be put in with the supplier if I do not have your size on hand. This could delay the exchange by up to 2 weeks. 

Please note that I will charge a cancellation fee of $5.00 on cancelled orders. If an order has already shipped, cancellations will not be accepted and it will then be addressed as a return on a case-by-case basis. 

Please note that in order to receive a full refund for your purchase, you must return the product to me. 

Where do I send returns? 

Please do not send returns without contacting me first.



PO BOX 26136

Anaheim CA 92825

Can I cancel an order?

You will have to contact me via email to cancel an order. Please understand this is a one-woman, handmade shop. A lot goes in to managing an order before it is even made, so there will be a $5 fee to cancel an order. You will receive a full refund, less the $5 cancellation fee. 

Can you fix my damaged ears?

Yes! I can fix or replace any pair of WeveGotEars purchased directly from me free of charge. Send me an email WeveGotEarsShop@gmail.com. 

Apparel info

What size should I order? 

Please refer size charts and product description for each item. It will explain how the item fit in each product description. 

Additional Information

How can I stay informed? 

The best way to stay informed about new designs, announcements and special drawings and giveaways is to follow @Weve.Got.Ears on Instagram.