Face Mask FAQ

WeveGotEars Masks FAQ

Please do not take this as an offense or as me being impersonal, but if you have emailed or DM’ed me with a question answered here, I have sent you to this link. You will find the answers you need here. If you still have a question not answered here let me know. 

*These masks are not medical grade or rated for disease control. They are intended for use by the general public as directed by the CDC and for healthcare workers and public-facing workers in all fields when professional masks are not available.*

These masks are made with 3 layers of 100% cotton. There is an inside pocket for adding a filter of your choice. There is a flexible aluminum nose guard at the top.

Care Instructions:

If applicable, remove masks from headband before washing.

Masks are washable by hand or machine. DO NOT PUT MASK IN THE DRYER. Lay flat or hang to dry. The extreme heat from the dryer may weaken the elastic and cause it to shrink. Remember, Elastic is rubber wrapped in synthetic fibers, these things can change properties under high temps. 

As with any garment, hand washing and hanging or laying flat to dry will prolong the life of the mask. Be careful that elastic does not get caught in agitator or wrapped around another heavy garment in the wash because this could stretch elastic and cause breakage. 

Once mask is dry, you can use an iron to re-flatten pleats and remove wrinkles if desired. DO NOT IRON OVER ELASTIC. 

Masks will have either behind-the-ear elastic or behind-the-head elastic. I am doing my best to  make most donated masks behind-the-head elastic as those are easier to adjust. Just tie an additional knot to tighten the fit.


Adult fits most ages 12 and up
Youth fits most children ages 3-10.
For 10-12 age I would recommend adult size and adjusting the elastic to fit better by tying a knot if needed. 

I am not a medical professional but it is my understanding that it is not recommended for children under the age of 3 to wear masks. 

Please understand I do not have children to try this on and this is just an approximation. You can always tighten masks as needed. 

  • To tighten masks in either size, simply tie an extra knot in the elastic.


Masks will be sold as well as donated. 

Masks for sale will be listed on WeveGotEars.com during each weekly opening - Friday's at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern). 

Masks for sale are ready to ship. They will be mailed as soon as possible - within 2 business days of your order. 

The best way to stay up to date on availability of masks for sale is to follow along on Instagram. It is the quickest, most efficient way for me to update thousands of people. 

Masks for sale will be listed when they are ready to ship and will be sold first come, first served on my website. Unfortunately, I cannot accommodate for requests outside of this. I cannot reserve or hold specific items for anyone for any reason and I will not accept additional payment in order to guarantee a mask. First come, first serve is the only way I can handle this.   

Masks for sale will ship within the United States only. Nearly every International package I have sent during this pandemic has been returned to me. I will reassess the International shipping situation at a later date. 

When you purchase a mask, you will be purchasing exactly what is shown in the product listing. That means you will get to choose the style and pattern of your mask and coordinating accessories. 

Selling masks at a reasonable price means I will also be able to make masks to donate to those in need. 

Do you have any tips for success during shop restocks?

Please know I cannot guarantee following these tips will result in a successful order, but hopefully they can help.

  • Be right on time for the restock. Most people show up a few minutes early, navigate to the item they want and refresh the page when it is time. 
  • Having an item in your cart does not guarantee it. I know it is frustrating when an item is in your cart and then all of the sudden gone. However, if an item sells out before you complete checkout, the item will be removed from your cart because it is no longer available. So it is important to still be quick even with an item in your cart. 
  • Create an account from the computer or device you plan on using to purchase. An account will store all of your shipping information so you won't have to fill it in while checking out. Register here
    • Important - Accounts do not store payment information, just names and addresses. This will still save you time at checkout. 
  • Consider using ApplePay. If you have an iPhone or a MAC, ApplePay is the fastest checkout since it does store your payment information right on your device or computer. 
  • Consider using PayPal, Amazon Pay or Google Pay. These third party merchants do store your payment information so you do not have to enter card numbers. However, they do sometimes redirect you to their site to log in which can take time. Consider checking the PayPal box that says "stay logged in for faster checkout" to save some time. 
  • Consider using a personal (not shared) computer/device that uses autofill for your credit card info. 
  • Above all, please know that even if you do all this and it doesn't work, it is not because you did anything wrong. Just try again if you can. Many people have success after a few tries. 

Print Patterns and Designs:

I am SOLD OUT of the Toy Story fabric. 

I will post in my Instagram story each evening exactly what will be available for Friday restocks. I am not able to give any more advanced notice than this. Please understand I am working with a constantly fluctuating supply of fabric and supplies. I cannot reserve, guarantee, or take special orders on anything. 

Free Masks:

The list for free masks is currently full. I have taken orders for 150 free masks and unfortunately that is all I will be able to do online. I will be making additional free masks for distribution by my sister who is in the healthcare field in Denton, Texas. They will go to home health care nurses and patients. 

If you are on the list for a free mask, I am going in the order that you signed up. I have a spreadsheet and I am making my way down. When your mask is ready, you will receive an email from WeveGotEarsShop with a link to complete a $0 invoice and enter your shipping information. That way, I can print the shipping label from my website and provide you with a tracking number. 

I will not be able to take additional names for the wait list. I do not have a backup list. I just wouldn’t be able to manage that. It is just me making these (on top of working full time on the shop) with my boyfriend helping with pattern cutting and shipping.

Free masks will all be behind-the-head elastic, as those are the easiest to adjust for size and comfort. You will receive a random pattern or solid color based on available supplies. All free masks will be pretty neutral in pattern and color choices. Elastic may be white or black.