Flower & Garden Flower Crown featuring SSE Handmade Ears

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These ears are made-to-order. Make sure to check current turnaround times before ordering.

These Flower & Garden ears can actually shine in Epcot year round!

Ears feature the iconic space dome print and are adorned with a lovely felt floral arrangement. You can choose from existing options or create a color palette of your own.

Existing options:

  • Figment's Flowers - Purple, pink, orange, yellow
  • Bright Blooms - Bright Blue, light blue, hot pink, yellow
  • Muted Melody - Light pink, merlot, burgundy, rust, cream, sand
  • Super Succulents - Light blue, slate blue, navy, olive, rust, merlot, burgundy, cream
  • Or select your own colors! *

The flowers used are both hand or machine cut. They are all assembled by hand. Think of these flowers as being as handmade as the ears. Occasionally I will use store bought artificial babies breath (or similar small flowers) as an accent. 

Flowers decorate the front of the ears only. If you would like flowers on the back as well, there will be an additional $10 charge.

*If you choose to create your own color palette, the floral arrangement will be the same as the other ears. I cannot customize the type of flowers. YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE PATTERN OR COLOR OF THE EARS. The base pattern is Space Dome as these are for F&G. 

*By selecting "Email me to discuss custom color options" you are agreeing to me contacting you via email and responding to that email in a timely manner. I cannot begin work on a custom order until I hear from you. If I do not receive a response from you within 1 week (7 days) of order placement the order will be cancelled.